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My passion is connecting the dots to identify growth opportunities, solve complex business challenges, and help leaders make better decisions. 

My primary services include strategic planning, consumer insights, and analytics strategy development. My clients praise my ability to identify key issues and opportunities, gather and synthesize the most important information to inform decisions, quickly get to the “so what’s” and chart a roadmap to success. 

I have over two decades of management, brand strategy, and consumer insights experience across a range of industries. After receiving my MBA from UCLA, I started my career in brand management at General Mills and held executive positions at Jack in the Box as VP, Brand Strategy & Product Development and Chief Insights & Analytics Officer. 

My clients include fast casual and fast food restaurants; retailers; and non-profit organizations.  I have experience working with leaders of big and small brands in consulting and line management roles. This diversity of experience enables me to develop a customized approach to every consulting engagement. I know how to drive results with big and small budgets and how to make sure the plans we develop are realistic and achievable. 

My areas of expertise include: Brand strategy development; Strategic planning design and facilitation; Consumer insights; Analytics; New product development.

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Managing a strategic planning process internally can be a time-consuming, overwhelming, and sometimes frustrating experience.  By utilizing a customized approach based on each organization’s unique objectives, I am able to guide my clients smoothly through the planning process.  The results are consensus and clarity of direction, actionable strategies, and concrete plans. Typical strategic planning engagements include research and analysis, in-depth interviews with key stakeholders, customized strategic framework development, and meeting facilitation.

  • Customized, collaborative planning approach

  • Consensus-building meeting facilitation

  • Actionable strategies and plans


Many of my clients are fast-growing brands that don't yet have a well-established Consumer Insights function but have critical strategic questions they believe research can help inform.   I help them clarify the questions they are trying to answer, determine the optimal research methodology, identify and evaluate research partners, recommend an approach, oversee the research, and guide the team through the strategic discussions that result from the research findings.

  • Defining research objectives

  • Identifying optimal methodologies and research partners

  • Guiding strategic conversations

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My clients are leaders of fast-growing companies who don't yet have a well-established analytics function but know there is a big opportunity to leverage their data to drive better decisions.  I identify the gaps between their desired and current states; develop a customized framework to help clarify the issues and evaluate the strategic options; then guide them through the decision-making process and analytics plan development. 

  • Strategic framework to guide decision-making

  • Analytics plan development

  • Implementation roadmaps

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